It is important to price your home right from the start since most showings happen within the first 2-3 weeks of your home being listed. The minute buyers or other realtors see something new pop up, they want to see it. You can make sure you price right by looking at comps of houses that recently sold in your area and/or asking your realtor. Your realtor knows best what your home is worth from an objective stand point and is going to lead you in the right direction for you to make as much money on the sale of your home as possible. If you overprice your home you may not get any offers and it will hurt your chances at a quick sale. Even worse, if you overprice at first and see no traction you may end up reducing the price, which would make buyers more probable to offer an even lower price than your listing price. However, if you price your home competitively you are going to create a flutter of activity and possibly get multiple offers in, one higher than the other which may in fact lead to an offer higher than your listing price. The key is to price reasonably!